What is FATCA?  It is taglish for “You’re Mataba” and it means that Americans should really start eating healthy foods!  haha.  Just kidding.  Pls. don’t take offense.  After all, I did not come up with that acronym.  Your government did.    :)
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One question asked during yesterday’s Truly Rich Club Quick Start Seminar was if it was ok to pull out life insurance and just invest in stocks.

This video clip presents Life Insurance in a totally different perspective. Learn the formula on how to properly compute for it.

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This is a video tutorial on how to buy stocks via COL Financial.



birI remember paying over $500 in taxes each payday when we were still in Canada.  I know it’s a lot, but who’s complaining?  There, we have Parks and Recreations, Affordable Summer Programs, Unemployment Insurance, as well as FREE Quality Education and FREE Healthcare (The 2 biggies that if our government provides  here, would somehow alleviate poverty).  So, somehow, taxpayers there don’t mind being taxed that big amount each and every time, coz they get to enjoy their taxes!

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I realized that even if I have already blogged about a topic, TRC members (esp newbies) still keep asking the same questions over and over.  And of course, there are some questions which I have repeatedly answered but didn’t blog about.  So, here I am taking time to read all the common comments/questions via my blogs, emails & texts, and gathering for posting here for everyone to read anytime, anywhere.

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Truly Rich Club is indeed committed to helping members in our journey to success by providing all the tools necessary to achieve financial freedom.  Just this week, our geniuses in the IT headed by Mr. Paolo Abadesco thought of making a LIVE SAM Update for our members’ exclusive enjoyment and convenience.  


The Current Prices are updated as the system automatically scrapes content from Phil. Stock Exchange (PSE) website every 6 hours.  Ain’t it neat?  Now we have an easy reference each time we want to buy/sell stocks through COL Financial. Read More →

This is a video interview by Mr. Allan Ngo of trulyrichclubblog.com about opening Citisec Online (COL) Financial account.

He also interviewed Bro. Bo Sanchez regarding Truly Rich Club.

bdo image
I was able to get inside my BDO online banking by doing the ‘Forgot Password‘ link. And I went through remembering the 2 secret questions, getting the 1-time password they sent to my Mobile, and changing it on the site.  
Whew!  (give myself a pat on the back!)  For me, that’s an accomplishment … coz I really hate going through all these hassles of just opening up a webpage.  (sigh!)  
But that’s how much I love you!  (chos!)  For the sake of those who have been repeatedly asking me how, here goes:

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“How do you compute for Average Price?” 
This was asked by one of my readers, and let me tell you, I really, totally HATE figures (Math)!   Like I always say, the only figure I love is my own (36-24-36!   That was BEFORE I went to Yakimix, and the numbers got mixed up.  Now it’s 63-42-63). lol.  But, hey! I still love my figure!  

online-banking-accessMy Facebook account was recently hacked and for 2 full days, I had no FB access.  Oh no!  

For a moment I thought it was a repeat of the Cyber-Bullying that happened to me in NY a couple of years back.  (I caught the Cyber-Bully and I eventually forgave her)