One of the common questions people ask me re: investing with COL Financial is if they could EASILY withdraw their money.  
And the answer is YES!  Withdrawing your funds is as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

Step 1:  Fill out the withdrawal form (click image below to print form)


Step 2:  Email it to  Cut-off time is 11am. 
Step 3:  Get your check from their office or have it deposited to your account.

However, for your future’s $ake, please do not withdraw your funds unless it’s a matter of life and death.  Remember, we’re trying to grow our investments so we could retire as millionaires, just like Bro. Bo’s maids (read My Maid Invests in Stock Market) who have been religiously funding their accounts with Php2,000 each month. And last time I heard, his maids’ investments had already grown to over Php300k!  Whew!  Now, that’s something to emulate.

Thanks & God bless, 


6 Thoughts on “How to Withdraw from COL

  1. Hi, if you withdraw do you have to pay any taxes, or should your gain in the investment must be reflected in your income tax return? Thank you.

  2. hi. Is there any taxes to be paid when you withdraw? does the gain from the investment must be reflected in the income tax return? thanks

  3. Hello joey just like to clarify with regards to withdrawal. Can you withdraw money from your equity amount or only from your available funds. Coz im worrid if you can only withdraw from you available funds, lets say 15 years from now prices of shares will go up and youll have a hard time selling all your shares if you need it already. Thanks. Nick

    • hi nick,
      did joey already answer your inquiry? if yes, what was her reply?

      hi joey,
      i think nick has a point. can you share to me your answer to nick pls ty

      • You can readily withdraw the funds on your Available Balance. If you beat the cut off at 11am, your money will be there on your acct the same day. However, if you had to sell first, the funds need to clear (3 days) before you can withdraw. You can accomplish the w/drawal form, but the money won’t be deposited or check won’t be available till after 3 days clearing.

        As for the difficulty of selling, COL is an online brokerage. You see that when you trade, there are always available takers (under BID column). I don’t think that you’d have a hard time disposing.

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