It was in February of last year that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had approved the corporate name change from, Inc. to COL Financial Group, Inc.
It was also last year that the company introduced the beta version of its new website.
the old and the new

I’ve been using the new website ever since it was launched, and I would advise you to do the same. Why?
1. Well, usually new versions are way better than the old ones. Features are improved and new ones added. (Click here to access the Guide to the new site.)

 2. Also, because eventually the company would be phasing out the old one so everything can just be accessed through the new site.  We were all notified about this in April last year. (See image)

3. In doing my tutorials, I use the new website interface. (There was a Truly Rich Club (TRC) member who said she couldn’t follow  the procedure I posted because the screenshots were different from what she was seeing on her screen. I called her up and found out she was still viewing the old site.)

In fact, the only reason why you should access is because of its EIP scheduler, which is still under development into the new site.

Let’s all start using so we’d all be in the same page!
Thanks & God bless,


P.S. COL Financial, Inc. is the recommended Stock Broker of Bro. Bo Sanchez to all his Truly Rich Club members.  The TrulyRichClub is a membership Club that he had created to help people achieve Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance. It is a private group of individuals who have decided to do something about changing their beliefs and thinking—to gain the abundance mentality they need to change their lives forever. Bro. Bo provides them with the right tools, principles, and strategies to grow in their financial and spiritual life.  

3 Thoughts on “CitisecOnline’s New Website

  1. Hi Joey,

    I’d like to ask why magkaiba yung stock value between sa old and new sites?

    For example:

    I have 20 AC shares. As of end of Sept. 26, the price per share is Php615. Sa old site and ‘Trade Value” is Php12,300 (or 20 shares x Php615). Pero sa new site ang ‘Market Value’ ay Php12,202.22.

    Bakit nagkaganuuon? Is there a difference between Trade Value and Market Value?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Carlos,

      Magkaiba sila kasi sa new site, included na nila yung charges and fees when they present the figures, whereas sa old site, gross pa yon.

  2. Thanks sa reply Joey,

    Yun nga ang iniisip ko pero tinatamad lang akong mag compute 😉

    There’s nothing wrong sa data na ipinapakita nila pero personally I would like to see the gross value and not the net value (less the charges).

    Maybe they could place another column for the gross value? Is there any way to get to them my suggestion?

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