I realized that even if I have already blogged about a topic, TRC members (esp newbies) still keep asking the same questions over and over.  And of course, there are some questions which I have repeatedly answered but didn’t blog about.  So, here I am taking time to read all the common comments/questions via my blogs, emails & texts, and gathering for posting here for everyone to read anytime, anywhere.


  QUESTION:  Which is more practical, to join TRC where you need to pay monthly or just to open an account with COL Financial since anyway, COL has its own market analysis and it’s available for free on their website?

ANSWER:  It really depends on your outlook. TRC is distinct and separate from COL. You invest with COL. We learn from TRC, but not just abt stocks, but abt spiritual growth and having an abundance mentality as well. Some people join TRC for the spiritual and emotional guidance it gives, not just abt stock investment, which is just a bonus. The power talks alone are worth more than thousands. You’re actually picking the brains of these great mentors like Bo Sanchez, Edward Lee, Dean Pax Lapid, among others.  Aside from that, you get a great environment of like-minded individuals in our TRC Forum/Soical Site where members chat and gives tips abt getting truly rich, in the real sense of the word.  Again, it really depends on how you look at your membership with TRC.  Is it a waste of money or an investment for your spiritual, emotional and financial growth?

mindsetQUESTION:  How can one start to invest when it’s so hard to come up with the initial investment of 5,000?  Do you have a loan program for your members to help them start?

ANSWER:  I think we have to start with changing our mindset. If we think it’s hard, then it’d really be hard. I started with just 1k each payday until such time as I had enough 5k to open an acct. Once I’ve started, it was easier to put in any extra amount I have. There were times when I had to ‘borrow’ my savings. But in time, I’ve increased my financial literacy and have finally understood how it works. Now, after only 2 years, I’ve got 6 COL accts and & Sunlife investments, for us and for each of our 5 kids. It was only 2 years ago that we were in dire financial need. But because I have decided to start, I’ve slowly changed my spending habits, deleted my negative beliefs about money, and have increased my financial and spiritual maturity. All with the help of Truly Rich Club (from all the materials they send us via email) as well as my loved ones who fully supported me in this endeavor.

taxQUESTIONS:   Is the secondary account holder the beneficiary? Are the rights the same as the Principal’s?  Same requirements, too?  (What happens to our accounts when we die?  Do we get to transfer ownership to our beneficiaries?)

ANSWER 1:   The Secondary Acct holder is not your beneficiary; she is a co-principal. Meaning, both of you are owners of the acct. COL acct is so much just like bank accts. No beneficiary or heirs. If something happens to the principal acct holder, the acct is frozen and automatically forms part of the estate. The heirs would have to go through extra judicial proceedings to stake a claim.

ANSWER 2:  Just like bank accounts, we don’t declare beneficiaries for our Stock Accounts with COL. They’re not insurance. When something happens to us, our accounts will form part of our estate and our heirs will have to go through the extrajudicial process to put claims thereon.

ANSWER 3:  It’s just like ordinary bank accounts. It can’t be transferred. If the owner dies, the account will be frozen and will automatically form part of his estate. And the heirs would have to go through the extrajudicial process. They would have to pay the necessary taxes, produce the needed documents, etc. before they could claim the same.

Term-plus-MF-vs-VULQUESTION:  Is opening a variable insurance a good decision?  GTID vs. VUL

ANSWER:  I believe that the answer to this question is subjective. We cannot generalize that VULs are no good. We must consider all factors: age, budget, lifestyle, health, gender, job, status, etc. Would a messenger with a meager income be able to afford stock investment? would that be wise if he’s middle aged, smoker, with a family to feed? These are several examples of questions one have to ask. That’s why there is a need to do a THOROUGH financial analysis before an Advisor can recommend a certain product. My group recently covered the staff of an org which was composed of mostly middle aged and seniors. We thoroughly explained all products in the market and gave them the options. Some opted to get COL Financial accounts while for others, it was not feasible given their conditions, particularly the ones who are already 65 & older. Also, the budget was below 1k/mo. With that budget, would the savings still reach up to millions?

I am a consumer myself. If I want to buy a certain product, I wouldn’t want a salesperson to be pushing his products. I would want an unbiased explanation of its features and benefits. And I would want to have a lot of options/choices so I could really make an intelligent decision.

I’m pretty sure that all Insurance products were created/designed for a certain target group. It’s more of aligning one’s needs with a specific product.

23 Thoughts on “Ask JOEY

  1. hello joey,

    how may i subscribe to your blog?

    thank you…

  2. Hi Joey,

    Im just a new member of the truly rich club, but the thing is I’m residing here in US and want to invest in COL financial and as you explain earlier as i saw in your blog I can send the scan copy (please provide me an email ad ) and then finally send my original doc’s to COL address. My questions is i have my account at BDO but since this is a dollar account do you think i can used this for my investment since its state there that it should be peso ? Can you help me with any other options Thank you for your help.

    • joey on May 9, 2014 at 7:33 am said:

      one doesnt need a bank acct to open a col acct. Bank accts are needed only when you wanna withdraw your funds and you’d want it deposited instead of getting a check. In your case, I guess if it’s a dollar acct, they’d still deposit the funds there when you withdraw and convert to dollar, subject to charges and conversion rate.

  3. MARIA AGUIDA V. FALCON on January 30, 2014 at 12:25 pm said:

    am 58 yrs old, puede pa ba akong mag-invest sa stock market?

    • joey on May 9, 2014 at 7:31 am said:

      opo, pwede pa. matagal pa po ang buhay nyo. Stock investing is long term, preferably 5 yrs. So in 5 yrs time, mas malaki potential earnings ng investment nyo.

  4. uriel martinez on March 21, 2014 at 11:44 am said:

    Hi Joey,

    Here are a few questions of mine:
    1. I already invested in stock market before i joined TRC and bought some stocks which are not part of SAM table. Others are earning so far. Should i continue buying those stocks or discontinue it and stick to the stocks on SAM table?
    2. How many stocks should I target for each company bought?

    Thank you!

    • joey on May 9, 2014 at 7:35 am said:

      to target companies, it would depend on your budget. I only do 1-2/mo. Again, it’s not the number of companies but the number of shares per company

    • joey on May 9, 2014 at 7:36 am said:

      @Uriel, I would advise you follow SAM for at least a year before trying other strategies. This way, you’ll really be able to say if it was effective or not

  5. opelia on April 4, 2014 at 9:43 am said:

    Hi joey,

    I wanted to buy stocks from ALI. Why ALI is not in the SAM table?
    Can I buy ALI stocks even if it is not in SAM table?


    • joey on May 9, 2014 at 7:30 am said:

      Yes, ALI is a great company. You can buy any giant company. Remember SAM is just a guide. Don’t be limited by it. Just make sure though that when you deviate from this strategy, you have some guidance on the other stocks you’re getting.

  6. John on May 8, 2014 at 11:57 pm said:

    Hey Joey I wonder, is there anyway to pay the monthly TRC subscription via online banking? Not credit cards though, just ordinary debit cards.

    truly yours,

    • joey on May 9, 2014 at 7:28 am said:

      HI John, we don’t do debit cards. If you want you can do bank deposits, min of 6 mos but with 10^ discount. You may add bro Bo’s acct as third party payee so you can do it online.

  7. Jethro Canio on July 28, 2014 at 11:51 am said:

    how to stop buying stocks..? if the price is increase..?

    • don’t buy if beyond the BBP. You should know that if you’re a TRC member. If not, you can see that on COL’s site, too

  8. Hi Joey,

    It is really need a TIN No. to open a COL account as stated on the COL web site open an account. if need how i can process if i am OFW working in Singapore. Thank you.

    • HI Ryan. The TIN requirement is mandated by BIR. We really must comply. Pls visit bir.gov.ph and request for TIN or use the TIN you have before,if you have. If none, then just apply for one.

  9. Hi joey, i’m a member of TRC just want to know how to send my scanned application to COL, any email add?


  10. Linda Ambrosio on December 21, 2014 at 8:39 am said:

    Hi Joey,
    57 yrs old na ako,pero gusto ko pang mag invest.ngunit ang gusto ko yong dividend type at least every 3 months may matatanggap ako,tulad sa ginawa ko sa amslai every 6 months may dividend na binibigay,ngunit ayaw ko ng mag add gusto ko e diversify na.
    that is no. one.
    no. 2 question,pano ako mag start sa long term investment,at least 5 yrs,at saka mag trade.gusto ko ang mga ito,as a retiry gusto kong pag kaabalahan ang ganon.pero di ko pa alam saan at pano mag start.sana ma guide mo ako .thank you and advance Joey.
    awaiting your reply.


    • Hi Linda,

      It’s good that you’re contemplating on diversifying your investments and wanting to go into stocks. However, there is a great risk involve in stocks, and that is why we always say it’s for long term. In your case, as a retiree, you may want your money intact because that is already your retirement money. I’m not saying you can’t go into stocks anymore, but if you invest in stocks, you should be able to sacrifice delaying the enjoyment of your retirement money for a few more years.

      Now, answering your question #1 on getting dividend every 3 mos. If it’s direct stock investing, you may not be able to do that. Why? coz you’re relying on your own money to invest in stocks and you may not have enough to buy a lot of shares each and every month. AMSLAI is able to do that because it’s a pooled fund. And since it’s pooled, it’s worth billions and billions of pesos that came from all the members. And that is why they’re able to venture into different types of investments and then are able to sustain the promised dividends to the members. Wala ng makakatalo sa AMSLAI. Even mutual funds from other companies will not be able to match what AMSLAI is giving. Might as well just keep your investments with them since your money has more potential to earn.

      As for your #2 question, if you wanna try doing direct investing, then find time to do it. Read how to open a col account since the links to the forms are already there. But pls do not risk all your retirement money. Retirement money is supposed to be enjoyed during your retirement years. Meaning, it has to last until you die, so that you will not be at the mercy of your children/relatives. The way to know how much money you can spend for the rest of your life is divide your money now by the estimated number of years you’ll live. Example: you expect to live until 80. Then at 57, you still have 23 years to live. Divide your money by 23 yrs. Would that be sufficient already? The good thing about this kind of formula is that you’re still able to plan ahead.

  11. just ask question po. pag ng fund po ba ako sa COL w/ out buying stock..ung fund ko po ba is mag gagain ng interest?

    Thank you.

    • hi. I emailed you but it bounced back to me. So anyways, pag nag fund ka at di mo naibili ng stocks, di sya kikita for you. You must buy stocks so it will earn. And you need to keep adding shares to the companies you’ve bought because the more shares you have, the bigger the earnings (appreciation of value and dividends).

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