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This task may seem simple, but there have been lots of repeated questions on this, so I’m finally blogging about it.
Let’s start with an Individual Account.  Tick off the 1st box (Individual).  Most important thing to remember if it’s an individual application is that you need NOT fill out the ‘Secondary Account Holder’ portion.

TrulyRichClub follows SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) where we have a set price guide for buying, the Buy Below Price (BBP), and a set price guide for selling, the Target Price (TP).  We keep buying the recommended stocks as long as they are within the BBP and once the TP is reached, we sell.  Bro. Bo usually sends a Sell Alert to let us know it’s time to let go of the stocks which have already earned for us.  The proceeds of the sale are then reinvested for other recommended SAM stocks.  And the cycle continues.

Now, how do we sell stocks?

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Our club, the Truly Rich Club, is growing by the second!  Hooray!
It’s great because it means that more and more people are deciding to pursue the path to Financial Freedom.

And with growth comes more tasks.  Thus, towards the end of last year, Bro. Bo decided to add a support team who would personally call up members to guide them into stock investing.   Read More →

col eip

For TrulyRichClub members, I usually advise them to just open an EIP Starter account with COL Financial even if their initial investment is over 25k.  Why?  Coz they’re not active traders but mostly investors who spend a little than an hour each month buying stocks.  The EIP Plus Account of COL gives a more dynamic homepage with streaming quotes and all that we, TRC members, don’t necessarily need.  

But just to know how they differ from one another, here are the different types of Online Trading Platform offered by COL Financial Group.  Choose which one best suits your needs.  (This info’s courtesy of my Account Manager in COL.)