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I was able to get inside my BDO online banking by doing the ‘Forgot Password‘ link. And I went through remembering the 2 secret questions, getting the 1-time password they sent to my Mobile, and changing it on the site.  
Whew!  (give myself a pat on the back!)  For me, that’s an accomplishment … coz I really hate going through all these hassles of just opening up a webpage.  (sigh!)  
But that’s how much I love you!  (chos!)  For the sake of those who have been repeatedly asking me how, here goes:

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“How do you compute for Average Price?” 
This was asked by one of my readers, and let me tell you, I really, totally HATE figures (Math)!   Like I always say, the only figure I love is my own (36-24-36!   That was BEFORE I went to Yakimix, and the numbers got mixed up.  Now it’s 63-42-63). lol.  But, hey! I still love my figure!